Light Sky Farms Near Me: The Top 6 Flower Strains to Try First!

February 2, 2024

The Michigan cannabis community is buzzing, and nearly everyone’s talking about Light Sky Farms. The award-winning brand comes from familiar territory to Oleans, originating in Traverse City, and has quickly become our customer’s local fave. 

From their exotic genetics to their high-quality nature and now a wide variety of products to choose from, it’s no wonder their popularity has taken off to infinity and beyond. 

Ready to hop on the Light Sky Farms trend and try the brand for yourself? You’re in the right place. Keep reading for everything you need to know about the native MIchigan brand with our full review and the top 6 strains to try first! 

The Story of Light Sky Farms 

Founded by Traverse City native Shannon Walters, Walters took his experience as a foodie and wine enthusiast and translated it into high-quality cannabis flower and products. So far, the wine-to-weed transition has proved to be fruitful, with the brand raking in over 36 High Times Cannabis Cup trophies.

The company’s mission is to preserve its flower’s original source terpenes for the utmost in flavor for smoking or extraction purposes. In addition to offering the Michigan cannabis community flower packs and pre-rolls, the brand produces a wide variety of extracts, including live resin, live rosin, cured resin, and beyond. 

Even more, they combine their two expertises with a collection of infused pre-rolls and “stardust” infused flower. Ready to fly high with Light Sky? Let’s get into our recommendations next! 

The Top 6 Light Sky Flower Strains to Try Near You 

Want to experience the Light Sky Farms difference? Here are our team’s choices for the top X flower strains to try first. 

GMO Cookies

GMO Cookies
is a potent indica-dominant hybrid that’s one of our favorite go-tos for nighttime seshes. It offers a fresh and funky aroma, with GMO short for garlic-mushroom onion, and has an exhilarating flavor of pine and gassiness from its Chemdawg lineage. As for effects, you’ll feel completely comfortable but functional for a relaxing evening or Netflix-n-chill type of night.

Florida Freeze

For those who love consuming new and unique strains, Light Sky Farms’ Florida Freeze is a must-try. The rare and elusive strain is hard to come by, with Light Sky Farms being one of the few cultivators to cultivate it. The indica dominant hybrid is sure to beat everyday stresses, and we can’t get enough of trying to figure out its’ complex flavor. 


Sticking with a bright and sunny theme, our next Light Sky Farms strain choice is Sunkitz. This energizing sativa is notorious for its highly uplifting and euphoric effects. Its flavor is just as invigorating, with tastes of sour citrus and sweet and earthy undertones. Due to its energizing effects, it’s an ideal strain for daytime use, but tokers beware; it’s a strain known for stimulating the appetite! 

Fruit Cake - Stardust Infused Flower 

For our first Stardust infused flower, Fruit Cake takes the cake as one of our faves. If you love puff, puff, passing on good ol’ fashioned flower but dig the potency of concentrates, this is for you! Fruit Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid cross of Key Lime Pie and Cherry Pie for sweet, dessert-like flavors that leave fruity tastes of citrus, cherries, and berries lingering on your tongue. The strain offers a cerebral rush of euphoria that eases the mind and relaxes the body. 

Garlic Snowcone - Stardust Infused Flower 

There are two things you can count on Light Sky Farms for: quality flowers and extraordinary flavor. Garlic Snowcone Stardust infused flower offer a unique experience from the first puff to the last. This pungent and funky-scented bud offers savory aromas that have underlying notes of diesel, sweet marshmallow, and citrus, too. Keep your taste buds guessing, and enjoy the strain’s uplifting and calming buzz. 

Gorilla Grip - Infused Pre-Rolls

While we appreciate each infused pre-roll that Light Sky Farms produces, Gorilla Grip has us beating our chests even harder. The already potent strain gets a potent boost from the brand’s premium extract, so beginners should tread lightly! Its creeping high takes a second to pack a punch, and all of a sudden you’ll feel completely in bliss before slipping into a couch-locked state of sedation. Its flavor and aroma are just as heavy, with skunky, earthy, spicy, sour, and fruity tastes. 

Buy Light Sky Farms Flower Near You at Oleans 

At Oleans, we strive to thoughtfully curate each and every experience for our beloved customers. That means offering the highest quality brands, like Light Sky Farms, and making the process of shopping and securing the bag seamless and convenient. 

Come visit Jo’Lean and our friendly team of canna specialists, or place an order online for quick pickup and local delivery. Start browsing these Light Sky Farms strains and more by shopping our entire selection of premium cannabis goods now.