Meet our newest family member

December 27, 2021

We want to introduce our newest family member Jo’Lean, an original Uniroyal Gal from the mid-sixties. One of about 6 or 7 still in existence. Supposedly the person who originally sculpted her, loved Jackie Kennedy and Jo’Lean is in her likeness. Story goes she was laying in a field in Kentucky abandoned for years and was purchased for $150. She then went to Ohio into the backyard of a family who loved her and had her painstakingly restored from the years of neglect. Our amazing friends Chet and Kyle (Instagram @chet_offensive and @kyleevansdesign) discovered her and moved her to Northport where she’s been waiting in a pole barn for 5 years for the right place to land. Thanks to them she now sits in front of our tiny store at 776 Mill St. in Northport Michigan welcoming friends and visitors.

Come say hi to Jo’Lean she’s not camera shy, and loves to be tagged in photos #joleannorthport

Britten Inc from Traverse City putting final touches on her instillation.

At almost 20’ feet, Jo’Lean towers over our little dispensary.

Here are a couple of Jo’Lean’s friends out in the world. You can see how well she has been restored when you see how she started.

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With the addition of Jo’Lean we started playing with scale. From Jo’Lean outside and the artwork in our store, to the small toy train men in our displays. You never know what will pop up next.