True North Gummies Near Me & Vape Carts - Our Top 6 Picks!

March 5, 2024

With a name like True North Collective, you know our northern roots at Oleans have to be buds. But it’s not just the name we love. We love all that True North Collective has to offer with the family, or collective, of brands it operates. 

If you’re seeking a variety of dependable, quality, and cost-effective cannabis consumables, look no further than True North Collective. A brand you can always find on the shelves of Oleans. 

Now, if you’re seeking a complete True North Collective review or suggestions of the top products to try first - you’re in the right place, too. Here, we’ve compiled the ultimate guide to finding True North Gummies near me and which ones to try first. Plus, our favorite True North Collective vapes to try first for all of our everyday vapers. 

So keep reading to learn more about True North Collective’s background and our team’s picks for our favorite 6 vapes and edibles to pick up from the brand. 

Who is True North Collective? 

True North Collective is a team of cultivators and processors who have been crafting cannabis goods since 2019. Their team comprises industry professionals and cannabis connoisseurs alike, working together to bring the state of Michigan a new level of exemplary flower, concentrates, and infused goods. 

True North Collective is just one brand in a family of brands that includes - 

  • True North Concentrates - Concentrates and carts 
  • True North Confections - Edibles 
  • Five Star Extracts - Concentrates and carts

True North Gummies Near Me & Vape Carts - Our Top 6

Now, it’s time for the good stuff. Let’s get into our full True North Collective reviews of our team’s favorite gummies and vape carts. 

Electric Watermelon Gummies 

Why mess around with multiple gummies, when you can get 50 MG in one? That’s (sort of) the idea behind True North Collective 4-pack 200 MG gummies. This flavor, Electric Watermelon, is one of our top choices for its sweet, refreshing watermelon taste that adds a hint of summer to any season. The True North Collective gummies have the perfect bite, and chewiness, and we dig the unique triangle shape - especially for splitting into pieces. 

Strawberry Fields Gummies

A flavor that’s equally as sweet is True North Collective’s Strawberry Fields gummies. With the same amount of THC, this pack comes with 4 50 MG gummies for a total of 200 MG altogether. Our medical, and high tolerance consumers, love the 50 MG gummies for all-day, potent relief, that come with an affordable price tag, too. Every bite of Strawberry Fields gummies burst with sweet berry flavors, with no unpleasant aftertaste that some gummies can have. 

Grape Escape Gummies 

If you’re more of a grape girl or gent, Grape Escape Gummies from True North Collective are for you. These purple, sugar coated bites, are rich in robust grape tastes, reminiscent of one of our favorite Faygo flavors. Even better? The True North Collective gummies are gluten-free, and made with local Michigan farm sourced beet sugar and natural fruit flavors for sweetness. You can expect the same potent effects from the 50 MG individual bites. 

Banana OG Cart

Now, onto True North Collective carts, we’re kicking things off strong with one of our favorites - Banana OG. This full-spectrum cart, means you can expect all the flower’s original terpenes and cannabinoids for a profound high versus some distillates. The True North Collective carts are made by Advanced Vapor Devices for smooth pulls, without leaking, and perfectly flavored puffs. 

This cart is chock-full of rich and creamy banana and tropical flavors, and is indica-dominant in effects offering a heady buzz. 


Our next True North Collective cart choice is SFV OG. Short for “San Fernando Valley,"  this is an OG west coast strain that’s made its way over to the Great Lakes coasts of Michigan. The sativa dominant strain is optimal for when you need an afternoon lift of energy from its lively and energizing effects. For the body, it’s well-known for knocking out pain with complete relaxation. As for flavor, it’s got the classic tastes of lemon and pine, with undertones of earthiness.  

Pineapple Jack Cart

Last but not least, another afternoon pick-me-up from the Pineapple Jack True North Collective cart. This cart offers consumers puffs of summer with juicy fruity and tropical tastes that have hints of earthiness and spice. It’s another sativa dominant hybrid we love for wake-and-bakes and to get our day started off in a bright and uplifted mood, while remaining focused with a clear-headed focus. 

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