The Best Michigan Cannabis Tinctures: Our Favorite 5

June 7, 2024

The cannabis industry is synonymous with big clouds of smoke and puff, puff, passing. But for many medicinal consumers and those who are more conscious of their health and wellness, many are now saying “pass” to inhalation methods. 

Thanks to modern advancements and old-school traditions, there are a plethora of consumption methods that don’t require inhaling. Including a variety of Michigan cannabis tinctures to try! 

So, what are some of the best Michigan cannabis tinctures to try first? We’ve got the ultimate guide for you! Keep reading for our picks for the top 5 to try first, along with our complete Michigan cannabis tincture review. 

What is a Cannabis Tincture? 

Before we get into our Michigan cannabis tincture reviews, what exactly is it and how is it made? A cannabis tincture is a concentrated liquid form of cannabis extract, typically infused with alcohol or glycerin. The process of making it involves soaking cannabis flowers or trimmings in a solvent to draw out the cannabinoids and terpenes. 

The mixture is then strained to remove the solid plant material, leaving behind a potent liquid. Tinctures offer a discreet and convenient way to consume cannabis, as they can be easily dosed and added to food or beverages. 

They're prized for their precise dosing capabilities, making them a popular choice among medical cannabis users and those seeking a controlled, predictable experience. While cannabis tinctures can be swallowed and will work like an edible (wait 45 minutes–1 hour for effects to kick in), you can also consume them sublingually for faster onset of effects. 

To do so, hold the cannabis tincture liquid under your tongue for absorption directly into the bloodstream through the sublingual artery found there. 

The Top 5 Cannabis Tinctures to Try 

Find Michigan cannabis tinctures near me at Oleans with our list of the top 5 to try first! 

Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy - CBD Tincture 

Mary’s Medicinals is a leading brand in the Michigan cannabis tincture market and across the US. So, it should come as no surprise that the brand’s signature “The Remedy” CBD tincture is one of the first on our list! The first formula is a Mitten state exclusive and contains 1000 MG CBD, cinnamon oil, myrrh, and sweet almond oil. 

Its sweet and herbal flavor can be taken alone or added to your favorite tea or beverage for its therapeutic effects. Inside each bottle, you’re treated to 54 servings; every drop (under the tongue) is 4 mg. While you won’t experience any psychoactive effects from the CBD tincture, you’ll experience all that CBD has to offer for healing! 

Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy THC Tincture 

If you prefer a little buzz with your full-body comfort, then Mary’s Medicinals, The Remedy’s THC version is for you. Mary’s 200mg THC tincture is made with high-quality, full-spectrum THC extract and is lemon-lime in flavor. Made with all-natural ingredients, you can be sure this Michigan cannabis tincture is free of synthetic additives for your plant wellness routines. 

With its lemon-lime flavor, it can be added to your favorite beverage for a refreshing taste and buzzy effects. Even better, one of the best things about cannabis tinctures is they can be taken discretely and conveniently! 

Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy - Sleep 

If you rely on cannabis to catch your zzz’s then Mary’s Medicinals The Remedy’s Sleep version is a great go-to. This variety is specially infused with CBN, a cannabinoid well-known for its sedating and sleepy effects, offering consumers a unique 2:1:1 (200mg THC: 100 mg CBD: 100 mg CBN) ratio. 

Cannalicious RSO Dropper - Recovery 

When it comes to relief, it doesn’t get much better than RSO AKA Rick Simpson Oil. Named after a Canadian medical marijuana activist, Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a cannabinoid-rich, broad-spectrum extract. It’s an extract that’s made holistically and contains all the beneficial plant matter for pleasurable effects. 

This Recovery version from Cannalicious is sativa-enhanced and mango-flavored, for a daytime boost of energy and mental and physical recovery. This Michigan cannabis tincture makes micro-dosing a breeze and allows the consumer to use it orally, sublingually, or infused in a drink

Cannalicious RSO Dropper - Rest

Last but not least is a Cannalicious RSO cannabis tincture, in a “rest” or sleep formula. This mixed berry flavor is indica-enhanced instead for sedating and sleepy effects best reserved for nighttime use. It’s intentionally crafted with an infusion of CBN, the same cannabinoid we just covered that’s notorious for its sleep-inducing effects. 

Michigan Cannabis Tincture Near Me: Find at Oleans 

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