The Best Live Resin Gummies in Michigan: Oleans Top 6 Picks!

March 20, 2024

From simple CBD gummies to simple THC gummies to unique CBD:THC ratios, now single-source strains, live rosin, and live resin. Gummies have surely undergone quite an evolution since legalization! 

Once a simple way to enjoy edibles, there have never been so many varieties of THC gummies in Michigan. Not to mention, there’s a wide range of brands to choose from, flavors to choose from, potency to choose from, and beyond! 

Needless to say - choosing the right kind of Michigan cannabis edible can be confusing, to say the least. So, if you’re in the market to try some of the best live resin gummies in the state, we're glad you’re here! Why? ‘Cause, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to THC gummies in Michigan - live rosin and live resin, edition. 

Keep reading to learn why the Michigan cannabis community is choosing the best live resin gummies in Michigan, where you can find them, and our team’s picks for the top 6 to try first. 

Michigan Edibles: The Live Resin & Rosin Difference  

There’s a good reason why live rosin and live resin gummies are becoming so popular. Not only are they some of the purest varieties around (we’ll get to that next) but they give consumers who are avoiding inhalation the ability to enjoy their favorite strains or full-spectrum synergistic effects. How? Live rosin or live resin gummies are made with single-source strains or flower material, versus a mix of strains or flower in distillate. 

Live rosin or live resin, is made from freshly frozen flower material, which is said to capture the plant’s true expression at the peak of its freshness. The difference between rosin and resin is that rosin is made with solventless extraction methods, while resin is made with solvent-based methods. AKA, rosin is made with just the use of temperatures and pressure, while resin is made with processes using CO2, ethanol, butane, etc. 

So, if you’re ready to experience the cream of the crop when it comes to edibles - let’s get into the list of our best live resin gummies to choose from. 

THC Gummies in Michigan: Our Top 6 Live Rosin & Resin Picks! 

No wait, we won’t hesitate - here are our picks for the top 6 best live resin gummies (and live rosin too!) to try here in Northern Michigan! 

Kiva Lost Farm - Live Resin Infused Pineapple Gummies

Of course, one of the biggest and best Michigan cannabis edibles brands is on our list, with Kiva’s Lost Farm live resin infused gummies, Pineapple edition. Kiva recently launched into the strain-specific world of gummies with their live-resin infused, and plant-based Lost Farm Gummies. The Pineapple variety is made with the Forbidden Jelly strain, so you can expect to enjoy its’ indica-dominant effects and even hints of its musky earthiness, too.

Good Tide - Live Rosin Guava Gummies

Enter the popular gummy brand, Wyld’s live rosin variety, with their brand Good Tide. These Guava flavored or “Balanced” hybrid gummies are some of our favorites for all day groovy moods. Good Tide infuses every gummy with solventless hash rosin specifically extracted from hybrid cannabis strains, for a profound buzz from its synergy of terps and cannabinoids. 

Its taste is just as au naturel, being made from real-fruit guava for what the brand calls a “deliciously rounded” experience. 

True North - Strawberry Fields Full Spectrum Gummies

A true native Michigan brand, we love True North Collective’s full spectrum gummies in Strawberry Fields - a strain grown by Crockett Family Farms. This sativa-dominant variety is a perfect post-breakfast treat for wake-and-bake energy that’ll last you throughout the day. The strain is a cross of the pungent Strawberry Banana x Tangie strains, and of course, the bites are enriched with fruity strawberry flavors, too for a satisfying sweet experience. 

Good Tide - Live Rosin Mango Gummies

Another Good Tide Michigan cannabis edible we can’t get enough of is their Live Rosin gummies in a Mango / Mellow variety. Since mango is rich in the cannabis terpene, myrcene, anyways, this powerful combination lends to a powerfully indica-dominant buzz. The solventless hash rosin it’s infused with is extracted from indica strains, for relaxing, mellow, and laidback effects to drift off into a peaceful state of mind. 

Cannalicious - Live Resin Pineapple Haze Gummies

Back to Michigan edibles by Michigan natives, up next are the Cannalicious Live Resin infused Pineapple Haze Gummies. These gummies are infused with a full-spectrum live resin extract, from the concentrate brand, so each bite offers consumers the benefits of the entourage effect. The type of profound high, produced by the combination of terpenes + cannabinoids. This version is a sativa-dominant strain for a burst of daytime energy. 

Kiva Lost Farm - Live Resin Citrus Spritz Gummies

Last but not least is our second choice from Kiva Lost Farm - the brand’s live resin infused Citrus Spritz Gummies. Again made with plant-based ingredients, it doesn’t get more in-tune with Mother Nature than this, especially when made from the strain Lilac Diesel. With floral notes, and even hints of gassy diesel, you’ll crave this invigorating and refreshing flavor, and the gummy’s evenly balanced hybrid effects. 

Finding Michigan Cannabis Edibles at Oleans 

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