Rove Cartridges Near Me: The 6 Best Rove Cartridge Flavors at Oleans!

April 19, 2024

The Rove brand has officially landed in the Mitten State, and Oleans is proud to offer Rove cartridges near me for the Michigan cannabis community. Rove vape carts are beloved by consumers not just for their quality but also for their wide variety of flavors and specific effects. 

So, if you’re venturing into the world of vapes, get our complete Rove cart review here, and find out where to buy Rove vape pens online at Oleans. 

Keep reading to learn more about the Rove brand, and our team’s picks for the 6 best Rove cartridge flavors to try first. 

Who is Rove? 

First and foremost, Rove is a nationally known brand and is sold in seven states, coast-to-coast. The Rove brand says they were “born at the intersection of art and science," offering cool and clean branding with premium made extracts. The brand has its own pod system, 510 threaded distillate, and live resin carts - quite simply, something for every person or preference. 

Their team comprises long time industry enthusiasts with experience in cultivation and extraction who came together to produce tastier, high-quality, and honest cannabis goods. Their mission is to provide simplicity and transparency, and they do so with Rove vape carts that offer specific sativa, indica, and hybrid effects with full flavor, too. 

Ready to see what Rove vape carts have to offer? Let’s get into the Oleans’ team’s picks for the 6 best Rove cartridges to try first. 

The 6 Best Rove Cartridge Flavors

Get a complete Rove vape review with our breakdown of the 6 best Rove cartridge flavors! 


Blast off into all new worlds with the indica dominant hybrid, Skywalker. This strain is a go-to for medical consumers for its relief of pain, insomnia, stress, and anxiety, with its relaxing and soothing body and head high. It immediately uplifts the mood as your mind enters a dreamy strain, and as your senses enjoy the strain’s sweet, blueberry, and tropical fruity flavors that have undertones of earthiness. 


No need to head to Maui, to experience all the wow that Waui has to offer. In fact, every puff of Waui from the Rove brand will whisk you off to the vacay you’ve been dreaming of. Enjoy every puff of sweet pineapple, banana, and tropical fruits, like you’d sip up a fruity drink under the sun. Its effects are just as bright and satisfying, with stress relieving traits that lift the mood to an uplifting and high energy euphoria and enlighten the creative spirit. 


Don’t get it twisted; Dream won’t lull you into a sweet slumber—quite the opposite, in fact! This sativa dominant hybrid comes from a cross of two favs - Blue Dream x Strawberry Cough. The end result is a tasty mix of strawberry and sweet fruit flavors that has a funky hint of diesel that lingers on the tongue. Its potency will ignite the senses and elevate the mind, as your body relaxes with its sedative and soothing buzz. 


The Punch Rove vape cart is one we can always count on to keep us on our toes, comfortably. This sativa dominant hybrid will relax the body while offering an unmatched euphoria that’s ideal for managing everyday stresses. As the brand says, “let Punch be the spark that lights the fire in your day,” with its sweet, fruity, and tropical medley of flavors. 

White Runtz 

The first of our Rove vape pen premier collections is from none other than White Runtz. The “Premier” Rove vape carts are made with solventless ice hash live rosin for a full-bodied and all natural single source taste and effects. As for this specific strain, White Runtz is a cross of Gelato and Zkittlez and offers the best of both. The Rove vape cart is full of sweet and sour fruity candy flavors, and the strain is as balanced as it gets when it comes to hybrid effects. 


Now, if you want to get wrecked, may we suggest you pick up the Rove vape cart in Trainwreck, a notoriously potent strain. Its heady high comes on fast and hits you like a “trainwreck” with its sativa-dominant effects that are ideal for daytime use. It’ll mellow the body's everyday aches and pains, while uplifting the mood and energizing your imaginative thoughts and creativity, too. 

Find Rove at Oleans 

Last but not least, you’re probably asking yourself, “Where can I find Rove cartridges near me?” Well, if you’re in Northern Michigan, you’re in the right place. Oleans is proud to offer consumers the option to buy Rove vape pens online for in store pick-up or delivery. Or, stop by and check out the goods yourself! 

Keep this list of the best Rove cartridge flavors handy for when you stock up your stash next. Stay tuned for even more brand reviews, and share this Rove carts review with someone you know who’s been eyeing them to buy! 

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