Higgs Prerolls: Our Top 6 Favorite Strains to Try!

April 19, 2024

Higgs Prerolls is designed with one thing in mind: to have a good time. 

The brand “encourages people to laugh, create, share, and fall in love while enjoying cannabis” with their simple preroll packs and no frill (all thrills!) flower. 

So follow the advice of the California brand, that’s making its mark in the mitten state and “grab a pack and spark a connection.” This guide will certainly help! 

Here, we’ll cover all the dope things you should know about the Higgs preroll collection and our list of the top 6 strains to try first. So, keep reading to get a full Higgs prerolls review, find out where to find Higgs prerolls near me, and which ones to add to your “must-try” list! 

The Higgs Preroll Collection 

If you’re an old school stoner, you’ll revel in the Higgs preroll 80’s branding and their nostalgic cigarette type packs. With a logo straight out of Miami Vice, there’s nothing more cool than throwing a Higgs preroll pack into your pocket or purse for a chill moment later.

Even better? The Higgs prerolls are mini-sized for your own individual sesh of enlightenment. Every pack offers 10 .3g joints for a total of 3 g in the pack. Even more, they come with indica, sativa, or hybrid classifications, giving consumers an idea of what to expect from the effects. 

Recently, Higgs prerolls have added infused mini joints to their collection to elevate consumer’s highs that much more. The brand keeps it simple for consumers, with white packs for hybrid and sativa, black packs for indica, and purple packs for infused. 

So, which will suit your desires and lifestyle best? Let’s get into our team’s picks of our top 6 favorite Higgs prerolls to try first. 

Our Top 6 Favorite Higgs Prerolls 

You can always count on Higgs prerolls for a cool and elevated high. We just so happen to enjoy the following 6 Higgs prerolls more than the rest, so add these to your “must try” list now. 

Higgs Infused Prerolls - Sour Cherry 

Starting off strong with our go-to Higgs infused prerolls in Sour Cherry. Sour Cherry is a staple strain in our repertoire for its classic cross of Cherry Pie and Sour Diesel. The hybrid not only offers the fresh and funky tastes of sour diesel but also leaves a lingering hint of cherry and berry sweetness on the tongue. As for effects, expect the well-balanced buzz to keep you feeling positive and soothed from everyday stresses, aches, and pains. 

Higgs Infused Prerolls - Permanent Marker 

Permanent Marker is a trending strain for good reason, and we dig this infused version by Higgs prerolls. The indica dominant hybrid is a triple threat as a cross of a trio of strains, Biscotti x Jealousy x Sherbet BX. The end-result is a completely carefree high (and more potent thanks to Higgs prerolls “infused” variety!) and complex flavors of spicy diesel and sour citrus. Smoker beware! This strain is known for causing a mad case of the munchies, too! 

Higgs Prerolls - Ice Age

Moving on to regular, non-infused Higgs Prerolls, our first favorite is the rare strain Ice Age. This exotic genetic comes from a cross of many OG landrace strains (think Skunk #1, Afghani, and Northern Lights) and has just as classic hybrid effects. It soothes the mind with complete comfort, as your body melts into relaxation. It’s better reserved for lazy afternoons at home with nothing to do, or nighttime use, as it could leave you feeling couch-locked. 

Higgs Prerolls - Pink Guava 

Moving on to a brighter and livelier buzz, is another one of our favorites, Pink Guava. This high-powered and social sativa dominant hybrid will leave you feeling the ultimate euphoria, with giggly and happy effects. A great go-to for social settings or daytime use, we crave the sweet and fruity flavors that the strain also offers. 

Higgs Prerolls - Midnight Oasis 

Not surprisingly, Midnight Oasis is another indica variety that we can turn to for all the zzz’s we need. A perfect nightcap or pre-bedtime sesh, Midnight Oasis offers earthy, natural flavors that’ll lull you into a relaxing and indica-dominant high. 

Higgs Prerolls - Ruby Runtz 

Last but not least is a Higgs preroll pack we can pop open for an invigorating and refreshing scent of summer, with Ruby Runtz. The fruity and sweet strain will ignite your senses upon opening the pack, and will ignite your mood even more. The rare sativa dominant hybrid is perfect for wake-and-bakes or for getting through that 2 o’clock feeling, when you need a boost to your mood, energy, and focus. 

Where to Buy Higgs: Shop Oleans Now! 

Now that you have the complete Higgs pre rolls review, you’re likely wondering: Where to buy Higgs? At Oleans, we strive to offer the Northern Michigan cannabis community a wide variety of quality and budget-friendly buys. So, know that Oleans is the place to try first!

Stop by for your own thoughtfully curated retail experience, or browse our entire collection online for store pickup. Regardless of how you shop for your wellness routines, our team is here to help make them that much more elevated! 

Make Oleans your neighborhood cannabis retail store, and browse all the Higgs prerolls we have in stock and the rest of our other favorite brands too.