Crude Boys Frosted Bud: Our Top 5 Picks to Try First!

May 6, 2024

One of the best things about legal weed? There’s almost always something new (or improved!) to try. Meet Crude Boys' frosted bud, the perfect example. Crude Boys Michigan is continually evolving its product line to offer consumers new strains to try and new strengths, too. 

Ready to evolve your wellness routines? Keep reading for our ultimate guide to one of the most popular Michigan brands, The Crude Boys, and our picks for the top 5 Crude Boys frosted bud strains to try first. 

Who are the Crude Boys? 

Not familiar with the group, the Crude Boys? Well, you’re probably familiar with the brand’s parent company, Choice Labs. Crude Boys is their grassroots effort, and personal passion project for their friends and family to get amazing quality cannabis.

In addition to experimenting with new and trending products - like Crude Boys Michigan’s frosted bud and their line of varying infused pre-rolls featuring the Tarantula and Black Widow, too! 

More practically, “Crude” by definition refers to natural oil, in this case, from cannabis. So not only do the Crude Boys offer infused flower products, but they also have a line of vape carts, disposable vapes, and live resin. 

What is Frosted Bud? 

Before we get into our list of our favorite Crude Boys frosted bud strains to try - what exactly is frosted bud? As Crude Boys describe themselves best, it’s cannabis flower that has been “carefully soaked in wax and rolled in THCa isolate.”. The result is a powerfully potent flower, that typically tests above 40% THC!

Beginners beware. That means this flower could be a “one hit and quit” type of variety for you. But for long-time consumers and cannabis connoisseurs, it’s a fan favorite, and award-winning at that. In 2023, Crude Boys took home a High Times Cannabis Cup win for its frosted bud.

The Top 5 Crude Boys Flower Strains to Try

Ready to light up an award-winning flower for an extra elevated experience? Without further ado, here are our choices for the top 5 Crude Boys Michigan frosted bud flower strains to try first. 

Turtle Race 

First on our list from Crude Boys, is none other than Turtle Race. This Turtle Pie variety is a well-balanced hybrid that’s highly sought after for its equal indica-sativa effects. Of course, this frosted bud version is amplified with an extra punch of potency. Expect to experience a strong, and intense buzz that isn’t slow creeping but a quick “racing” rush to the head. 

Last Caress

Named for the smooth and robust cocktail of the same name, Last Caress frosted bud is just as satisfying in taste and effects. Each hit will have you guessing another flavor that’s left dancing on your tongue from the strain’s complex terpene profile. As for effects, you’ll be transcended into a dreamy headspace with an uplifted euphoria in no time. 

No Doubt 

No doubt another one of our favorite Crude Boys frosted buds strains is that of No Doubt. As you break open the dense and isolate-covered buds you’ll immediately start craving its classic earthy, and spicy aromas. Upon sparking up, you’ll enjoy the strain’s euphoric and uplifting effects that’ll soothe the body into complete comfort. 

Cosmic Dust 

A play on the strain, Space Dust, Cosmic Dust frosted buds will deliver an out-of-this-world buzz. Buckle up, and hang on tight, for a potent ride from this Crude Boys frosted bud variety that is hybrid in effects and smooth in flavor. It has to the power to boost your spirit while relaxing your body of everyday aches and pains. 

Cheshire Cat

Get cozy, and ready to cuddle up with the indica dominant hybrid, Cheshire Cat frosted bud from Crude Boys. This rare genetic has kush lineage and offers consumers a rich and robust grape flavor. Not only is this frosted buds variety extra potent, but on its own, the strain is highly capable of couch-locking effects so beginners should take extra caution. 

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