710 Labs Rosin: Our Full Review & Top 6 Favorite Picks!

February 2, 2024

If you’re a dabbing connoisseur, you already know 710 Labs. They’re one of the most highly acclaimed concentrate producers in the state today. But if you’re just getting into the dabbing scene or having a hard time selecting which concentrate to spend your hard earned cash on - this is the list for you! 

With higher quality comes slightly higher prices, which often require higher amounts of research by Michigan cannabis consumers to get the biggest bangs for their bucks. So, if you’re here to find out which 710 Labs rosin to start with first - rest assured, you’re in the right place! 

Here, we’re breaking down all that makes 710 Labs so special, plus our team’s picks for the top six products to try. Let’s get into the good stuff now and find out more about 710 Labs! 

Who is 710 Labs? 

710 Labs is a leader in cannabis extracts and is established in four leading markets - California, Colorado, Michigan, and Florida. 710 Labs specializes not only in the trending solventless category (think rosin and hash) but also in beloved solvent-based concentrates like sugar, badder, and sauce. 

What’s the difference? Solventless products are extracted from plant material using just pressure and temperature, while solvent-based products use solvents (often CO2, ethanol, or butane) to extract the plant’s beneficial compounds. 

More than just dabbables, 710 Labs also offers premium live rosin pods for vaping, flower, and pre-rolls, too. Now, for a list of 710 Labs concentrates you should try first, keep reading for our team’s picks of our 6 favorites. 

The Top 6 710 Labs Concentrates 

Ready to get dabbing? Here are our choices for the top six 710 Labs concentrates to add to your must-try lists! 

Lemon Heads #4 Badder 

No one does badder quite like 710 Labs, and this Lemon Heads #4 is the perfect example! The extract comes from a solvent-based process using hydrocarbons that give it a badder like or wet consistency. You’ll notice its viscous terpenes glistening, which add to the strain’s citrus-forward taste that has a hint of gas on the exhale. The well-balanced hybrid strain will ease all your stresses with relaxing effects while boosting your energy with an uplifting buzz. 

Garlic Cocktail #7 + Triangle Mintz Badder 

Mint and garlic? You heard it right! Another rare genetic to enjoy in its purest form is Garlic Cocktail #7 + Triangle Mintz badder, from 710 Labs. This 710 Lab concentrate has the same whippy nature as Lemon Heads, making it easy to scoop up to watch and sizzle as you inhale. Immediately, you’ll feel a rush of euphoria to the head from the extract’s potent and pungent nature. Its flavors will keep you guessing as you experience the lineage’s unique terpene profiles of gas, mint, citrus, berries, and, of course, a hint of savory garlic, too. 

Zeven Up Sauce 

Remember the fun childhood classroom game we’d all look forward to? Here’s a 710 Labs concentrate you’ll equally be longing for after a long day, with Zeven Up. Available in the brand’s signature “Persy Water” hash and sauce too, there’s nothing like sipping up this strain’s bubbly and soda-like flavors. It’s robust with bubbly citrus tastes that are sour and sweet and has underlying hits of classic gas too. As for effects, your mind will be as relaxed as your body for a well-balanced, euphoric buzz. 

So, what exactly is Persy “sauce”? 710 Labs describes it as a different form of their solventless rosin, where the extract is pressed again to extract all its goodness. The end-result is a “separation of terpenes into a liquid and a crystallization of THCA into solid crystals, then recombined into your jar.”  

Guava Sauce 

Guava is a classic strain that stems from the Gelato phenotypes circa 2017. Throwin’ it back to sweet, old-school flavors, this sauce is one of our go-to sativa dabs for daytime use. It immediately uplifts the mood, with a boost of focused energy that washes all worries away. Not surprisingly, the 710 Labs concentrate is chock-full of fruity tropical flavors that have underlying hints of gassy diesel. 

Rambuten #11 Sauce

Another satisfying 710 Labs rosin sauce comes to us from the exotic strain, Rambuten #11. This ooey gooey concentrate is rich in sweet tropical fruit flavors, that have a smooth and funky exhale. It’s another sativa dominant hybrid, perfect for afternoon pick-me-ups for its mood-enhancing effects that’ll keep you on track and on task.  

Upside Down Frown Badder

Think about it. What’s an upside down frown? Strike up a smile with none other than 710 Labs Upside Down Frown badder. Again, this is another rare strain you’ll want to get your hands on, not just for flavor but for pleasurable effects, too. Its rips are invigorating with the refreshing flavors of citrus and tropical fruits, and deliver all the good vibes with a quick-hitting, mood-boosting and relaxing buzz. 

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